ENIM - Custom Made Jeans

ENIM - Custom Made Jeans

  1. Category: Clothing/Fashion Brand
  2. Objective: To increase brand awareness and drive sales for custom-made denim jeans for men only.
  3. Approach: Implemented a multi-channel marketing campaign utilizing social media and SEM platforms.
  4. Results: Since the launch and starting in September 2023, we have achieved a 4x return on advertising spend (ROAS) in product sales for eniM. Social media contributed 65% of sales, while SEM contributed 35%, with a retention rate of 20%.
  5. Key Learnings: We tested various audience categories on Meta (Apparel category, Brand Specific, Luxury, and Plus size) with different messaging and creatives. Sales breakdown shows 65% from Plus size, 15% from other audiences, and 20% repeat customers. From SEM – Google search ads, we generated approximately 45 sales with a spending of 40K.
  • Spendings: 1 Lakh
    AOV: ₹3459
    Total Orders: 130
    Revenue: ₹4.5 Lakh
    With our continuous R&D and analysis, we are experiencing monthly growth of 15% – 18%






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